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Indoor LED display

Make Your Business Stand Out with Our LED Walls

Transform your business space with our cutting-edge LED walls, featuring stunning image quality and customizable design options. Our LED walls will help attract customers and create a dynamic environment that sets your business apart.

Function for business

“Digital signage creates a 46% increase in customer satisfaction.”

1. Promotion & Brand Awareness 

Create a modern and eye-catching video wall display that can significantly enhance your brand engagement and is a forward-thinking way to influence your customer purchases and brand opinions.

2. Interactive and Modern 

By using creativity and eye-catching graphical content, you can provide an experience for your customer that they are limited to online and elevate your customer engagement to a whole new level.

3. Flexibility

As previously mentioned, LED is flexible in structure. LEDs are manufactured as panels, seamlessly fitted together to create a display to your specified measurements; they can be wrapped and curved around excising architecture.

4. We offer demonstrations and training to customers

Function for schools

  • Partner with local schools to showcase the benefits of our LED wall solution and offer demonstrations to educators and administrators
  • Offer a special discount for schools looking to upgrade their classrooms with our LED walls
  • Attend education conferences and trade shows to showcase our LED wall solution and network with potential customers
  • Collaborate with schools to create custom content for their LED walls, such as educational videos or interactive displays
  • Highlight case studies and success stories of schools that have implemented our LED wall solution and seen positive results
  • Offer training and support for educators and IT staff to ensure smooth installation and operation of our LED walls

3 LED Wall Schematic Diagram for Hall (Example)

Schematic Diagram

Side View


“Pixel pitch” is the distance (usually in millimeters) between pixels. The smaller the pixel pitch, the Higher Resolution Quality.