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8×8 HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 Matrix with Audio Matrix/ Downscaling/ AOC Cables Power Supported via HDMI Ports

The MUH88-H2 is a professional 8×8 HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switcher with Audio Matrix. It includes 8 HDMI inputs, 8 HDMI outputs and the last four outputs with down-scaling function, which is designed for switching four HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.3 compliant signals.

The matrix switcher not only supports bi-directional IR, RS232 extension but also has IR, RS232, and TCP/IP control options.


  • 8×8 HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switcher.
  • Supports 4K/60 4:4:4, HDR, HDCP2.3 compliant.
  • Audio Matrix, audio out can be de-embedded from arbitrary input or output.
  • Individual volume adjustment on each L+R output.
  • Supports 4K to 1080p down-scaling up to 4 outputs.
  • HDMI out provides 2.5W to power Active Optical Cable (AOC).
  • HDMI Output support up to 5V500mA for AOC cable
  • Controllable by front panel, IR, RS232 and TCP/IP.