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Indoor fixed LED display

Indoor commercial advertising billboard, stage, banks, stock exchange centers, theme park, airport, schools, government agencies, exhibition, meeting rooms, cinemas, hotels, and a variety of public facilities and etc

Product feature:
Fine pitch LED screen perfect presentation.
Ingenuity and beauty color performance.
Intimate design, snap-on mask design.
Humanity product design support front and back maintenance.


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1 Model No. UHD-1.25
2 Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.25
3 Module Size (mm) 200×168.75
4 Module Resolution (pixels) 160×135
5 Cabinet Size (mm) 600×377.5×80
6 Cabinet Resolution (pixels) 480×270
7 Pixel configuration 1RGB
8 LED Encapsulation SMD1010
9 Cabinet Weight (kg) 8
10 Physical Density (pixels) 640000
11 Brightness (NIT)< <97%
12 Contrast Ratio 5000:1
13 Refresh Rate (Hz) >3840
14 Viewing Angle (H/V) ±160°/±160°
15 Video playback capabilities 2KHD,4KHD