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Handwriting extraction technology

No matter where the speaker is standing, the Handwriting Extraction feature ensures that any words and diagrams written on a board or screen remain in full view to the audience – via AR (augmented reality).

Create great content without specialist resource

Users can autonomously create specific animated imagery, still pictures and supporting graphics, which provide an easy backdrop to their presentation.


  • Handwriting extraction technology: Extract written characters &diagrams from a board, and display them in real time in front of the speaker.
  • Create great content without specialist resources
  • Stay in the frame with PTZ auto-tracking: Automates the video shoot without an operator while still producing the viewing experience of a manned operation.
  • Close up Gesture Software: When a person in the audience stands up, the Close up Gesture function is triggered and the application electronically zooms in on the person for a close-up.
  • Focus Area Cropping — in Full HD: An image from one camera can be simultaneously shown as two different output images. The user can choose to select a cropped image from the main still 4K image.
  • Involve your audience: REA-C1000 technology can detect and react to the gestures of audience members participating in your presentation.
  • Chromakey-less CG Overlay: enables the presenter to deliver impactful supporting content in real-time, without a dedicated studio or expensive specialized content creators.