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* Signal access and display at any location without distance limitation. Multi-level signal interconnection to build a “cloud-to-end” architecture
* Mass IP video access capability, IP video format compatibility is the most complete, no need for signal secondary conversion
* Simple upgrade and expansion, convenient maintenance. Each functional module is independent of each other and does not affect each other
* Breaking through the signal transmission distance limitation, long-distance signal transmission display can be realized through ordinary network cable


  • Main control unit Processor:
  • Intel Core-I3 dual-core processor
  • Memory: 4G DDR3 1600
  • Hard disk: 500G
  • Control PC operating system: windows7
  • USB: 4 channels
  • Display interface: 1 VGA interface, 1 DVI interface
  • Chassis size At least 8 input slots, 12 output slots
  • Processing capacity Signal output DVI DVI-D digital interface, support 1024*768, 1280*720, 1366*768, 1920*1080
  • Virtual screen stacking function With virtual screen building block stacking function, it can seamlessly connect to mainstream GIS systems such as PGIS and ARGIS, and supports point-to-point ultra-high resolution display
  • Other parameters
  • Power supply standard 100VAC 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Optional 1+1 backup power supply, 100VAC 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption ≤350W
  • Dimensions Width 480mmX Depth 400mmX Height 360mm
  • Weight 30Kg