REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance 增強分析單元

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REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance 增強分析單元


無論演示者站在何處,手寫內容提取功能可確保任何書寫在演示板或屏幕上的詞語及圖表都能通過 AR(增強現實)技術完整地呈現在觀眾眼前。 即便演示者直接站在演示板前方,觀眾都能接受到他想要傳達的思想,演示者的思維過程甚至是動畫演示都能全然呈現給觀眾。遠程觀眾及稍後觀看演示內容重放的觀眾同樣能夠輕松獲得沉浸式體驗,因為內容同樣將全方位呈現,質量不打折扣。

Chromakey-less CG Overlay 功能

無幕布摳像功能幫助演示者實時傳達有影響力的輔助內容,無需求助專門的工作室或專業內容創作人員。 用戶可使用具體的動畫圖像、靜止圖片及輔助圖表,並將其輕松設置為演示的背景板。


  • 手寫內容提取技術: Extract written characters &diagrams from a board, and display them in real time in front of the speaker.
  • Create great content without specialist resources
  • Stay in the frame with PTZ auto-tracking: Automates the video shoot without an operator while still producing the viewing experience of a manned operation.
  • Close up Gesture Software: When a person in the audience stands up, the Close up Gesture function is triggered and the application electronically zooms in on the person for a close-up.
  • Focus Area Cropping — in Full HD: An image from one camera can be simultaneously shown as two different output images. The user can choose to select a cropped image from the main still 4K image.
  • Involve your audience: REA-C1000 technology can detect and react to the gestures of audience members participating in your presentation.
  • Chromakey-less CG Overlay: enables the presenter to deliver impactful supporting content in real-time, without a dedicated studio or expensive specialized content creators.